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We navigate the cannabis supply chain, so your business can thrive.

Who we are

240L is a team of seasoned logistics, supply chain, and technology professionals focused on bringing Fortune 500 capability and execution to the cannabis supply chain.

Our Mission

240L’s mission is to revolutionize the cannabis supply chain. We’re a house of best-in-class brands, powered by 240L’s cutting-edge technology providing our clients with sales and distribution services that optimize the supply chain from seed to sale. Our goal is to make the process of cultivating, distributing, and selling cannabis more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable—all while maximizing cash flow and ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Our platforms leverage the latest advancements in supply chain management and technology to provide real-time data insights that enable growers, distributors, and retailers to make informed decisions—providing a valuable competitive advantage over their competition.

Efficiency. Reliability. Scalability.

Within the expanding cannabis industry, the supply chain, its participants, and its systems can feel fragmented and inefficient. 240L’s industry-leading experts implement best practices to provide visibility and execution throughout the cannabis value chain.

Your Supply Chain…Optimized.

Leveraging best-in-class technologies, world class expertise, connected fleets, and a strategic mindset, 240L’s optimizes each step in the process from seed to sale. You focus on your products and customers; we’ll take care of everything else.

Our framework comes to life through three pillars:

We pave the path to profitability through professionalizing all aspects of cannabis distribution and wholesale license. Our implementation tools provide best operational practices for all areas, including accounting and finance, human resources, legal consultation, and marketing.

Our industry-unique technology elevates your business functions through a tech stack that integrates with state-specific compliance systems. User-friendly technology allows for features such as retailer auto-replenishment and a live operations dashboard.

Following our first acquisition in Oregon, 240L’s M&A team is seeking additional acquisition opportunities through a network of operators, investment banks, industry experts, and investors.

Our first acquisition.

One of Oregon’s most experienced recreationally-licensed wholesalers, Pharmer’s Market, was acquired by 240L in early 2022.

From sales team structure to strategic delivery systems, 240L brings so much expertise to our business operations that we now feel well-positioned for significant growth over the next 5-10 years.”

- Spencer Mullen, Founder, Pharmer’s Market

No Harvest Too Small. No Order Too Large.

Here at 240L, we love providing solutions for our customers — large and small. If you have a product to ship, store, brand, process, test, or move… you’re in the right place.